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HEALTHY HAPPY HENS! Dutch Country Organics

GOOD FOR THE HENS. Pasture Raised

Eggs packed by Dutch Country Organics come from healthy, happy hens that are pasture raised. Our hens are raised on 100% organic feed and have access to the outdoors where they can eat insects, scratch in the dirt, flap their wings, and breathe fresh air.

Dutch Country Organics eggs carry not only the USDA Organic Certification, but are also Certified Humane®, carry the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Certification (OEFFA) and are certified kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC).

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Dutch Country Organics eggs are produced by chickens that are only fed organically grown feed produced under strict standards. Organically grown feed is produced from crops that are not genetically engineered or irradiated, are not grown with any synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or sewage sludge. 

Additionally, the hens can’t be treated with synthetic hormones or antibiotics. And, a happy, healthy hen will have access to the outdoors!


Certified Humane Eggs

The Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) certification is assurance to the consumer that the food they purchase under this label has been raised on farms that maintain a certain standard of quality of life for its animals. 

For hens, the standards that create this quality of life include:

  • Free access to nutritious, fresh feed that comprises a wholesome diet
  • Feed and water stations with placements that allows for equal, easy access for all birds
  • Quality air that is a comfortable temperature for the birds
  • Access to perches, and a sufficient amount of living space, per bird
  • Maintained written records of feed ingredients and nutrient content of approved feeds
  • Peaceful handling of the birds
  • Readily accessible housing that offers protection from predators
  • For more information about the Certified Humane® practices, go to


Eggs that are pasture raised and organic are better for you! They have special ingredients: the ones that hens choose for themselves naturally! Our eggs are more densely packed with nutrients and even have elements that may improve your health.


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